Can my friends and family come visit me at the marathon?

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We love having friends and family in the stands to cheer on dancers, but they cannot stand on the floor with you. However, you are still able to chat with them in specific areas. Friends and family are also welcome to volunteer at the marathon. Keep your eye out for volunteer sign ups for the

What do I need to bring to the marathon?

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Anything that you can fit in your dancer bag! We highly suggest a few changes of clothes, multiple pairs of socks and undergarments, extra shoes and flip flops, a toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, tennis balls to roll out your feet, small snacks, hair ties/headbands, and a phone charger.

What do I wear to the marathon?

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Leave your fancy clothes at home and wear something comfortable! Try athletic shorts or leggings, paired with comfy shoes. A lot of teams come dressed in a matching shirt or tank top, but it’s not mandatory. Also, don’t forget your fanny pack to have quick access to items, such as your cell phone, charger, gum,

What should I expect at the marathon?

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The marathon is one big celebration of life and means something different to each individual who participates. However, the basic breakdown of the marathon is as follows: The first few hours are spent teaching the line dance. Then, at the top of each hour, everyone joins in on the line dance. Each hour is a different

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