How do I know how much money I have raised?

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Your team captain will have access to DanceBlue Funds, our online database that tracks fundraising amounts, and they will be responsible for keeping track of how much money each individual on your team has raised.

What are some ways that I can fundraise?

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Some of the most common fundraisers that teams host include merchandise sales, bake sales, and restaurant nights in the Lexington community. DanceBlue will also host events for dancers to participate in such as a letter drive, an email drive, and community canning (where teams go out into the community and ask for donations). We encourage

How much money do I need to raise to dance?

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This year, the fundraising minimum for each dancer is $380. However, this does not guarantee a spot on the floor. Due to capacity restrictions, only a certain amount of dancers are allowed on the floor. Therefore, dancers may not be given a spot on the floor even if he or she raised the minimum.

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