A Pledge For A New Clinic

In January of 2017, DanceBlue fulfilled a pledge of 1.225 million dollars to open up a new DanceBlue Kentucky Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic. The new clinic transforms treatment for our patients. With space more than double the size of the previous clinic, families, and patients are able to receive more privacy through available resources and space. We are excited to see how the beach-themed clinic, including a 300-gallon fish aquarium and an interactive lighthouse, will continue to improve care for the kids.

Clinic Video

Jarrett Mynear Waiting Area

In honor of the memory and legacy of Jarrett Mynear, the clinic waiting area provides more space and seating than the previous clinic. The lobby features a 300-gallon fish tank, computer area, lighthouse, and boat, along with books and toys for kids to play with while they wait.


To fit the beach theme of the clinic, there is a lighthouse in the waiting area that kids can play inside.

The lighthouse features a control panel that changes the color of the beacon so kids can pick their favorite color!

Fish Tank

Kids love to watch the fish swim and their favorite is the clown fish because it resembles Nemo.

The fish tank in the clinic is approximately 300 gallons!

2x The Size

The DanceBlue Kentucky Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic offers a space that is more than double the previous clinic’s size.

With six exam rooms and seven infusion rooms, patients are able to be treated faster without having to spend as much time in the waiting area. The clinic’s large size is a crucial part of providing the highest possible level of care for the kids.