Sharing the DanceBlue Love!

Something special that every dancer, committee member, or alumni shares is their love for DanceBlue. Not only do they love this organization, but many of them have gotten to share that love with their friends, sisters, husbands, or wives because

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Thank You for A Successful Semester of Fundraising: A Letter From Our Fundraising Chair

To our DanceBlue Community, Thank you! This semester of fundraising for DanceBlue has been a blast! Our DanceBlue teams and committee members have dedicated themselves to raising money for the kids in the DanceBlue Clinic, and they have tackled every

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DanceBlue Committee’s Must-Have Items for the 2023 DanceBlue Marathon

Everyone has their preferences for the essentials they must pack for the DanceBlue marathon. Are you a shorts or pants person? Do you prefer to stay in your sneakers or change into sandals for an hour? For Tell-All Thursday, DanceBlue

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