Welcome Letter

Dear DanceBlue Alumni,

If you were a dancer, committee member, volunteer, or donor then you share a passion for DanceBlue. Although your time at the University of Kentucky has come and gone, the love for DanceBlue never fades. DanceBlue goes beyond your time at the University of Kentucky, it’s for a lifetime. No matter where life has taken you, we encourage you to continue to join us in the fight against pediatric cancer. 

Since DanceBlue began in 2006, thousands of students have participated, volunteered, and donated to DanceBlue in order to fight pediatric cancer. Over the past 17 years, DanceBlue has raised more than 19.2 million dollars for the Golden Matrix Fund, benefitting the DanceBlue Kentucky Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic. We are especially grateful to our alumni, who have worked tirelessly to help grow DanceBlue into the incredible organization that it is today. It is because of students like you that we have seen exponential growth and success over the years. 

What makes DanceBlue special is that it only takes a small act to make a difference. You can support DanceBlue through simply sharing our story with someone new, hosting watch parties with a local Alumni Club, coming back to Lexington for the marathon, donating online, hosting your own fundraiser, or whatever else you do to continue the DanceBlue mission. 

As DanceBlue Alumni, you have a special reason to look back with joy on your college years. The community that surrounds this organization reaches far beyond the University of Kentucky and will continue to stretch as far as DanceBlue supporters go. Attending your last marathon as a student may have been bittersweet, but the opportunities to continue to fight FTK as an alumni are unlimited. The future of DanceBlue will always be bright when students, alumni, and families come together to support and fight for our purpose.

FTK Always,

Lauren Grant

2023 Community Relations Chair

[email protected]


Emily Goddard

2023 Alumni Relations Coordinator

[email protected]


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