Everyone has their preferences for the essentials they must pack for the DanceBlue marathon. Are you a shorts or pants person? Do you prefer to stay in your sneakers or change into sandals for an hour? For Tell-All Thursday, DanceBlue Committee has shared their must-have items and advice for the 24-hour no sleeping, no sitting dance marathon. If it is your first time participating in the DanceBlue marathon, this could be a starting point for your packing list. If you are a returning dancer, maybe there is a new must-have item for you to pack below. 

Here is a list of the top five items DanceBlue Committee could no got without during the marathon:

  1. Tennis/golf ball: This is a game changer for rolling out sore feet during the marathon!
  2. Socks: They may seem like an easy item to forget, which is why it is important to make sure you bring several pairs. It is a great and simple way to freshen up. 
  3. A change of shoes: Whether it is another pair of tennis shoes or a pair of sandals, having another pair of shoes is a nice option during the marathon. 
  4. Icy hot/ Biofreeze: It is perfectly normal to get sore, especially after giving it your all in the line dance each hour! Bring some icy hot as a quick fix for sore muscles. 
  5. Extra drinks: Hydration is key during the marathon, so water is an absolute must. But don’t forget to also pack your electrolytes and energy drinks. Committee’s favorites are liquid IV and Celcius packs, which fit easily into their bags and don’t take up too much room. 

Save these suggestions and get excited for our 2023 DanceBlue Marathon! To participate, register your team by tomorrow, October 14th, here.