Before coming to the University of Kentucky, I knew very little about DanceBlue. During my freshman year, I went to cheer on my friends that were participating in the marathon, and I was completely enamored by the positivity and hope that emanated from each and every person at the marathon. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to become involved in DanceBlue as much as I could for the rest of my college experience. My sophomore year, I fundraised all year and earned a spot on the floor.  Seeing the brave kids run around during the marathon, who despite enduring so much in their young lives, can live with so much positivity and hope, inspired me to dance for 24 hours with a smile on my face and fight for a day when we will no longer need to dance. 

After participating as a dancer, I knew I wanted to do more and be more for this amazing cause. This inspired me to apply for DanceBlue Committee, which was one of the greatest decisions of my life. I was selected to be on Programming Committee, and I was beyond ecstatic to help plan the 24-hour marathon that had brought me so much joy the previous year as a dancer. Programming is in charge of planning every activity and theme at the marathon so that the marathon is a fun and energizing environment for the dancers, families, and spectators. I was in charge of planning BBN, Harry Potter, and Bob Ross hours during my first year on Programming. The many hours I spent planning and working out the minute details never felt like work because I always remembered the incredible kids at the clinic who all the work was for. Seeing how much joy the hours we planned brought to the dancers and the kids during the marathon was one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life.

This past year, I have had the honor to serve as Programming Chair for DanceBlue. My Committee and I have had the unique opportunity to shape the dancer experience for the marathon this year. Hopefully, our detailed planning will make the marathon a life-changing experience full of new friendships and amazing memories for the dancers who have worked so hard all year long to raise money FTK. This year’s marathon is full of fun themes, games, performances, and special guests that will distract the dancers from their sore feet and make the 24 hours fly by!

The DanceBlue marathon is a very special event for many people. To me, DanceBlue is dancing your heart out through all the pain and exhaustion to bring hope and joy into the lives of those who need it the most. DanceBlue is a time to make new friendships and memories while raising awareness for a noble cause. DanceBlue is when I can step away from my hectic life as a college student and put all my energy into a cause that is bigger than myself.

On February 29 at 8 pm to March 1 at 8 pm, hundreds of University of Kentucky students are about to unite together in Memorial Coliseum for 24 hours to fight for the kids and fight for a cure. Come join us and experience the best day of the year!