The DanceBlue Kentucky Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic has so many people that have helped it become the successful resource it is today. From volunteers to employees, every person that steps into the Clinic impacts it in a different way. One such employee, Elizabeth Henderson, is proof of this. 

Henderson is the Administrative Support Associate and School Intervention Assistant for the DanceBlue Clinic. In broad terms, this means that she provides both patient and staff support. Before coming to work at the Clinic, she held a few different jobs, such as owning her own business and working at a school for five years. She then decided to come to the Clinic to work with the School Specialist, Courtney Emery, and has now been an employee for over three years. When asked why she chose to work here, she said “I love kids! I have a servant’s heart and being with these kids brings me so much joy!”.

Henderson’s job differs every day. Among her daily duties is getting to meet and talk with the kids and families, submitting paperwork for their Homebound School, gathering resources for their visits, scheduling tutors and volunteers to work with them on homework, and bringing them books to make them smile. She is also in charge of the Beads of Courage program, scheduling neuro evaluations, and helping high school seniors get college scholarships. In addition, she helps with the clinic social activities, celebrating employees’ birthdays, keeping track of patient lists, and various graphic design needs. Outside of her main job, she is also currently serving on the Board of Directors for Anjay’s Kids, an organization that provides wigs to Clinic patients, and recently served on the committee for the Jarrett’s Joy Cart 20 Year Celebration. “I believe my job is to be a servant to the patients, their families, the staff, doctors, and DanceBlue students. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make people smile.  That’s why my job is so many different things, because I just do whatever it takes,” said Henderson.

Needless to say, she stays very busy. However, her job is also very rewarding. Whether it is with the kids and their families or her fellow employees, she loves making others feel special and important, and this job allows her to do just that. This job has also given her so many amazing memories, such as getting to experience kids ringing the cancer-free bell. “Every time someone rings the bell is an amazing memory because it is the end of that person’s cancer journey and they can begin their healthy life. It makes me cry almost every time I look in the parents’ eyes and they know they have survived it,” said Henderson.

Throughout her work in the Clinic and her daughter, Peyton’s, involvement on Committee, Henderson has become very acquainted with the DanceBlue organization and does anything she can to support its work. She said, “It is hard to put into words the impact DanceBlue has on the Clinic and our patients and staff. We literally could not do it without DanceBlue. Thank you to the students!! Every minute of your hard work makes a difference in a child’s life. Don’t ever forget that!”.

Every minute of your hard work makes a difference too, Mrs. Henderson. Thank you for your continued support and dedicated work FTK!