If you hang around DanceBlue long enough, you will inevitably hear the question “What does DanceBlue mean to you?”. Now I promise this is not just some catch phrase we like to throw around. The various answers to this seemingly simple question explain the foundation that DanceBlue is built upon. For me, DanceBlue was the most influential aspect of my college career.

Coming into UK as a freshman, I had heard of DanceBlue and planned on participating once or twice just to be a part of a major UK tradition. However, this mindset quickly changed. Before I knew it I was on the floor for my first ever dance marathon. In less than 24 hours, my interest in DanceBlue transformed into a full-blown passion. This passion was not just for the fun event I was taking part in at the moment, but for the heart behind it, the people involved, and the entire mission of DanceBlue and the clinic. For the next four years, I had the opportunity to serve on the Committee for 2 years, including serving as the Marathon Coordinator. Being a part of the DanceBlue family brought me some of my most joyous memories from college.

While this may just sound like a nice story about the greatest event on campus (not biased clearly), it is so much more than that to me. What you need to understand is that my first experience with DanceBlue changed everything. The fire that was lit in me because of DanceBlue caused me to change my major, develop my skills as a leader, and pursue an entirely different career path. DanceBlue helped me to recognize my desire to serve others and spend my life working to impact those around me. Through meeting with clinic staff and hearing stories of family experiences, I discovered I could have a career that satisfied my passion for children and families going through difficult times. I am now pursuing a career as a Child Life Specialist, a career I had never even heard of before DanceBlue.

So maybe you’re wondering, what my answer is to that foundational question I posed at the beginning. To me, DanceBlue is not just a one-day event, but a catalyst for life-changing experiences.