Why do I DanceBlue? I DanceBlue because there is no other feeling that will ever compare to watching that countdown. There is nothing more pure than seeing all those hard hours of teamwork packed into one moment of suspense. Knowing that all of the work you put in comes down to those last ten seconds, watching and hearing the crowd countdown each second in synchronization, down to zero, is what makes it worth it. That moment that shows everybody’s collective effort and time to make the kids and their family’s lives easier. Everything we do is For The Kids. All the hard work and effort put into that moment truly shows the impact DanceBlue makes.  

The start of my DanceBlue career was not that long ago. I had the wonderful opportunity to join the Technology team as coordinator earlier this year. It was a late join to the team but I was able to adapt and learn fast. I was able to learn so much working alongside the technology team with Eric Martin (previous tech chair) as well as Blake Swaidner and Joey Gdovka, who served as my fellow coordinators. From making videos, working on the DanceBlue App, to working on the DanceBlue Website, I was able to gain insight on the ins-and-outs of how tech works with DanceBlue.

The DanceBlue App in particular turns a year old this year on November, 15th. For those of you who have never heard of the DanceBlue App, it is an application that was built by the previous Technology Team that brings DanceBlue within the touch of your fingertips. It offers information about events that transpire throughout the year. Whether it’s weekly spirit point events, restaurant fundraising nights, or other DanceBlue events happening that week, it’s all quickly accessible just within the palm of  your hands. Keep on the lookout for some new features coming out later this year that will make the experience even better!