With the DanceBlue Dance Marathon quickly approaching, we wanted to share a way to still get involved! If you didn’t join up for a team, don’t think you’ll be able to meet the fundraising minimum or don’t want to spend the entire 24-hours dancing, we have GREAT news for you! You can still be involved as a volunteer!
Dane Schweingzer, currently on DanceBlue’s Operation Committee, was kind enough to share his experience to volunteer for DanceBlue for his sophomore year and how it led him to apply for DanceBlue Committee:

“I finally got my opportunity to volunteer. I got to work the hydration station, so I got to be on the actual dance floor and see dancers and some VIPs up close. I was so absolutely amazed on how nice everyone was. Everyone who came up to get water was so thankful, and I had great conversations with a lot of them. After that [experience], I instantly knew I wanted to further my involvement in DanceBlue. I applied for a couple of committee spots, and I was so happy when I got an email that I made the Operations Committee! Now I get the pleasure to be able to work behind-the-scenes with so many awesome people to set up awesome events and help raise money and raise awareness.”

Volunteers will have the unique experience of interacting with dancers while also assisting with behind-the-scenes work to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. Volunteers will also be instrumental in making sure that the marathon runs smoothly! The requirements for being a volunteer at the marathon? You have to be age 18 and older, and pay a $30 fundraising requirement! Sign-up today to secure your volunteer spot at the 2018 marathon and receive a t-shirt! Shifts fill up quickly, so register as soon as possible! DanceBlue volunteer registration closes on Jan. 12, so make sure you sign up today!