For the third time, a UK Healthcare social worker specialist of the DanceBlue Kentucky Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic has been nominated for and awarded the Make-A-Wish Medical Professional of the Year award.  This year’s honored recipient was Kara Gore, a social worker who has worked in the DanceBlue Clinic for four years.

Gore only knew she was up for the nomination when she attended the Make-A-Wish BIG Wish Gala in August, only to find out all of her co-workers already knew she had been selected for the award.  Gore chuckled as she said, “I was just so humbled by the entire experience.  What’s funny is I almost didn’t attend out of guilt for missing my son’s senior game.”  Joy quickly spread across her as she reminisced on the evening.

Not only is Gore’s joy contagious, but she embodies the powerful lesson of service.  When asked where her drive to go above and beyond for the children of the DanceBlue Clinic came from, she responded, “my coworkers; we work on a team that serves.  By serving your purpose on the team, we can better serve the kids, and that is what is most important.”

Gore works primarily with leukemia patients.  Her journey with them begins the minute they step through the clinic doors and will continue with them until her services are no longer needed.  Continuity is what Gore excels at; maintaining relationships with her patients and their families, exuberayting positivity, and most importantly performing her job to the best of her ability.

Gore says she hopes one day she will be forced into retirement because a cure for cancer has been found. But until that day comes, she will always thank DanceBlue for being a source of resounding energy.  Breathing a sigh of relief, Gore said, “seeing the DanceBlue volunteers play games with the kids and laugh so loudly other kids come around the corners just to see what’s going on, it’s something that will never grow old.  I love DanceBlue.”


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