Be All In

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved the University of Kentucky. I have baby pictures in a UK cheerleading outfit, I spent my childhood watching every basketball game, and I would proudly claim UK blue as my favorite color. Fast forward to my high school years and college decision time, UK was

365 Days of DanceBlue

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Every February, DanceBlue rolls around the corner and captures the hearts of so many students, families, and the entire community. Kids battling cancer get up on stage and show off a talent that makes them feel like the superheroes they really are. Some parents talk about their kids who have lost their lives to cancer

Dance{Blue}ing Each Step of the Way

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I was introduced to DanceBlue my freshman year in high school. Initially, it was a concept that seemed strange to me, as I didn’t understand what a no-sitting, six-hour dance fundraiser for children with cancer really was or the significance of it. It didn’t strike me as something that I would enjoy, because I wasn’t

For The Kids, Always

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As I continue my graduate career here at UK in the Physician Assistant Program, I hold my time with DanceBlue close to my heart. My whole life I knew I would attend the University of Kentucky. Whenever someone asked me the question, “so where you plan to go to college?” I would always instantly answer

My DanceBlue Story

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I first encountered DanceBlue when I was seven years old, but my family’s interactions with the DanceBlue Kentucky Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic go back a little further than that. My younger brother, Charlie, was diagnosed with a rare blood condition called ITP when he was three years old. The clinic staff was there every step

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